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Electronic Recycling

Our electronic e-waste recycling services will help companies become environment-friendly by legally and sustainably disposing of the e-waste they bring to our attention and under our facility...

Data Destruction

We offer a full-range of services that ensure and guarantee that your data is securely erased and eradicated through safe and logical data destruction practices. We make...

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We are committed to offering excellent service and thus offer free electronic waste pickup and delivery service. To avail our servers, network equipment ,laptops etc pickup service, please fill out the forms on our website.

Logistics Solutions

The professionals at Livermore E-Wastecater to the unique aspects of Electronics Logistics. We strive to deliver secure and efficient collection, transportation and storage services accompanied by a thorough custody-tracking process.

Office Clean Outs and Moves

If you have moved office spaces, moved into a whole new building, downsized, or even upgraded offices, then you will definitely need to clean the old one out (electronics, furniture, wire and etc). We are here to help.



We Recycle

Livermore E-waste disposes of and channelizes the recycling of electronic products and equipment that contain hazardous pollutants if improperly disposed of. It is our job to direct the waste away from the landfills, where those pollutants can leak into the soil and in our groundwater. Livermore E-waste advances the proper, safe and ecological disposal of electronic waste by that of residents, businesses and industries.

On the website, please check out the categories which we offer for recycling services.


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IT Equipment


Cell Phones

Test Equipment

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Livermore E-waste is best in class in everything they do. Blue Star Electronics caters to the most paramount, sound, responsive and environmentally-friendly recycling, repairing, remarketing and data erasure services for the obsolete, unused, unwanted and immaculate electronic products under one facility.

Since 1998, we have been deeply engrained in extending our global clients state-of-the-art services in the arena of IT technology, recycling and logistics. We offer a rather diversified and comprehensive range of IT Asset Management services quintessential for today’s rapidly altering business landscape. are consuming one or the other electronic equipment or electrical gadgets on the day-to-day basis to make

We are excited to now offer full and partial office cleanouts and moves (E-waste, wiring, furniture, etc.). Please don’t hesitate to schedule a pick-up request above or reach out to us for details.

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Only 12.5% of

Ewaste is

Currently Being Recycled.

We, the consumers of electronic equipment, and gadgets, on a day-to-day basis, while making our lives easier, smoother and more hassle-free, are also engaging in dangerous pursuits involving and potential damaging to our planet.
With our increasing population, the stress to manage multiple tasks at once has taken a toll pushing people toward the means that drastically simplify their lives and give them the liberty to complete tasks without having to hustle or bustle. This is the electronic age. Recycling our technology properly, without harming our planet and the people on it, is our ultimate goal. Livermore E-Waste are the professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to recycle, andremarket our technology appropriately and safely. Trust Livermore E-Waste, with all things… Recycle.