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About Livermore E-waste

Livermore E-waste has surpassed the best e-waste companies by providing the most effective, reliable and eco-friendly services all over the world. Being a significant part of the Blue Star Company, we have pledged to walk on the path which will sustain our IT as well as our environmental needs. As a registered and certified WEEE company, Livermore E-Waste, provides excellent assets disposition services for IT companies. We are located in Livermore, CA., for the convenience of our clients in the entire Bay Area.

With the help of our experts and specialists, we offer services including Electronics Recycling, Assets Recovery, Data Destruction, Repairing, Marketing, Hard Drive Shredding, and Logistics Solutions.
We are a well-known name in the field of assets disposition. We aim to keep the security, protection, and needs of our clients a topmost priority. We believe that no organization can ever prosper and succeed if they do not keep the concerns and requirements of their clients at the forefront.

We have been in business as Blue Star Company Inc., since 1998. We serve and help our clients to scale up their business productivity and efficiency by keeping their data and information secure. We are professional, reliable, and trustworthy offering results that are remarkable!

What Makes Us Special?

Our specialists engage in continuous research and strive to be updated with the most recent studies in e-waste services. We search for the best methods and solutions in protecting and securing the high-tech assets of our esteemed clients, who, with complete faith and trust, hand them over to us. Livermore E-Waste firmly believes in maintaining a sound relationship with our clients, so that they can utilize the advantages of our services. We also request that our clients bring to our attention – any areas in which we lack as we believe there is always room for improvement.
By improving our provisions each day, we will be able to benefit our clients with the most efficient and effective services. With the help of our experts and their 24/7 efforts, we renovate old electronic equipment and turn it reusable again. In the event that the electronic equipment cannot be renovated, we will recycle them and dispose of them in a nature-friendly manner. The techniques and methodology which we utilize in data destruction are compliant with environmental and data security law. For us, development doesn’t mean to keep the environment at a back front.

With the help of our specialists and their day and night efforts we offer services to recycle and repair old electronic equipment and make them reusable again. In case the electronic equipment brought under our facility can’t be repaired, we recycle them and dispose them of in a very environment-friendly manner and remarket them at the most suitable value.The techniques and methodology we effectively utilize in our data destruction solutions are all in compliance with the carefully laid-out environmental and data security laws.

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