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Our Conservation Services

Livermore E-Waste is at your service whenever you are in need. With a team of experienced experts, we have knowledge and expertise in the field of assets disposition. When companies are no longer interested in using their old electronic equipment or gadgets, we, with the help of our specialists, recycle or destroy the equipment as per our clients’ requests. Whether they need the equipment to be recycled or destroyed, we work to validate how we can help. When they need their technology to be recycled we offer them the documentation showing that the process utilized, will cause no harm to the environment. Livermore E-Waste has expertise in various services including Electronic Recycling, Data Destruction, Request-a-Pickup and for any Logistical support.

Electronic Recycling

Our electronic e-waste recycling services will help companies become environment-friendly and savvy by legally and sustainably disposing of the e-waste that they bring to our attention and under our facility…

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Data Destruction

We offer an exhaustive range of services ensuring and guaranteeing that your data is securely erased and eradicated through safe and logical data destruction practices.

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Logistics Solutions

The professionals of Livermore E-Waste cater to the unique aspects of Electronics Logistics. We strive to deliver secure and efficient collection, transportation and storage services accompanied by a comprehensive chain of custody-tracking throughout the process.

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Request A Pickup

We are committed to making things extra smooth for our clients and thus offer free electronic waste pickup and delivery services. To avail our free office equipment, kitchen equipment, pallets, metal, and light bulb pickup service, please fill in the appropriate forms that you will find on our website.

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