Recycling Process

Livermore E-Waste is the prominent name in the field of assets disposition. With the help of a professional team, we offer the best recycling services in the Bay Area. We believe in an Environment-friendly world. Therefore, our recycling methods and the entire process is eco-friendly. We recycle the e-waste or electronic waste which has been generated by those who have discarded electronics which are no longer useful.

The speedy growth in the electronics industry has also increased the requirement for destructionservices and the disposal of electronic equipment. Whenever you are in need, Livermore E-Waste is at your service. We offer our clients the most efficient and reliable services, including recycling, remarketing, and disk drive shredding. It has been many years since we have begun servicing companies with our high-quality services. Our knowledgeable and experienced team has left no stone unturned to find the easiest recycling solutions for the convenience of our clients. Our entire process is transparent, and you can witness our methods as well. From the destruction of your electronic equipment to its recycling, you can view our process.

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For your better understanding, we have shown you the entire process in a flowchart-

The process is as follows

Pick up- We provide door to door service. We pick up your recyclables from your business once your request is received.


Sorting- After the collection of your recyclables our expert team does a “smart sort” by categorizing the electronic equipment as hazardous and non-hazardous.


Destruction- The electronic equipment which will go through an eco-friendly destruction process. You will receive a certificate of destruction once our services are completed.


Remarketing- The materials that can be preserved and recycled will go through a proper plan of action. The profit, which is the result of remarketing, will be split between you and the company.


Recycle- The items which can be recycled are sent for the recycling process.